About Us

Maritime Safety Military Cadets was formed on 9th May 2014 by four directors that were unhappy about the youth of Bribie Island and surrounding suburbs having nothing to do on a Friday night and weekend. 2015 brought  Army Cadets into the group.They wanted to give all kids aged between 10 and 18 an opportunity to just be themselves and learn amazing skills such as:


Community Values,   Life Skills,   Seamanship

Water safety,    Weapon safety,   First aid 

 Rigging Sailing Boats,    Sailing,    Vessel handling

Rope work,   Navigation,   Vessel Maintenance

Discipline,  Marching skills,   Ceremonial Drill

Bush Camping,   Survival Skills

Leadership,   Management

Training processes


 We hope to encourage kids and young adults to take a stand, be an individual, as well as being part of a team.

Our Mission


To provide opportunities for young men and women aged between 10 and 18 to experience exciting personal and group challenges and opportunities and adventures in maritime safety Bush craft and each and every cadet will achieve different challenges they set themselves.


Our Values


Determination, Mateship, Honesty, Loyalty Respect.


Our Motto